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Tracking studies showed that within the first year, VUMC’s awareness as a medical institution grew over 300%. Philanthropic contributions and investments increased over 8x the initial goal established.


Senior Account Lead, Research, Strategic Planning, Brand Positioning, Communications Planning


For years, Vanderbilt University Medical Center had enjoyed being the most preferred medical center in the Nashville market. After years in first place, it was time to strengthen the brand’s position on the national stage to allow the brand to continue to grow and contribute to healthcare.

Strategic Insights

We identified several target audiences that we needed to activate—alumni, peer institutions, foundations, philanthropists, and legislators. We knew that to remain successful, Vanderbilt needed to speak from a position of leadership, and to raise awareness of the many contributions it had and is contributing to the field of medicine. It was time for branding efforts to place Vanderbilt into a new role with a new position: The Promise Of Discovery.


To establish the new position, we launched a major market tour of VUMC executives giving a State of the Medical Center presentation. These events were hosted by local VUMC alums who invited key targets in their local communities. We also launched a national media campaign, designed to raise awareness of VUMC, and to educate on the tripart mission of the institution. We positioned VUMC as curious, persevering, and humble. The messages and tactics changed throughout the campaign, but always rooted in The Promise of Discovery.

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