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Within six months sales were up over 17%. The distillery began to see significant growth as an event location and as a tourist stop. Most importantly, the distributor reduced their commission and gave Casey Jones Moonshine priority in-store placement.


Senior Account Lead, Research, Strategic Planning, Brand Positioning, Communications Planning


Casey Jones Distillery is a Kentucky-based moonshine maker. Casey Jones the man was a legend of the Prohibition-era Kentucky still makers, and his grandson, Master Distiller Arlon “A.J.” Jones continues his legacy today.

Strategic Insights

Casey Jones Moonshine is a premium product in a non premium category. Their desire was to stand out among other moonshine products, and position as a top shelf brand. However, our research revealed that most consumers had neutral or even negative associations with moonshine, so the challenge was not to simply reposition the brand in the category, we had to reposition the brand among other premium distilled spirts.


To position Casey Jones Moonshine as a premium spirit for everyday use, we had to make it about more than the product itself. We decided to tell the story of Casey Jones and his legacy of Prohibition-era Kentucky still making, and his grandson, Master Distiller Arlon “A.J.” Jones. As we told the Casey Jones story, we infused it throughout—packaging, collateral, website, craft cocktail recipes, even distillery signage and a strategic presentation to their number one customer—the distributor.

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