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We saw between 30% and 70% increases in submissions to “Learn More” for the various college programs, and over 1,500% increase in traffic to the applications page.


Senior Account Lead, Business Development, Research, Strategic Planning, Brand Positioning, Communications Planning


Bethel University is a private, 181 year old faith-based university in McKenzie, TN, with a strong online educational platform. My team and I were asked to help build brand awareness, pride and ultimately enrollment both on campus and online.

Strategic Insights

Our team conducted an in-depth brand audit, involving in-depth interviews with current, former and prospective students, key faculty and administration, community stakeholders, as well as an in-depth competitive analysis. 


  • The research revealed that there existed a latent pride among alumni that could be leveraged to build the brand. 

  • However, the brand had lost relevancy—it needed to realign with the modern needs and desires of current and prospective students. 

  • We also learned that Bethel’s core audience consisted of many first-generation students who were seeking a level of support above traditional college offerings.


1. The Bethel brand identity was outdated and needed to be rebuilt entirely. We selected fresh colors and fonts, redesigned their mascot, and developed a modern logo. We also updated their online presence to project the new brand identity. 

2. So many universities are quick to advertise with strong directives to be the best — “lead” or “succeed.” We took an intentional approach of sending a message that told students they’d have a partner walking alongside them in those formative years of college — while they figure out who or what they want to become. The narrative centered around the line, “Become you.”


3. We developed a omni-channel media approach using data to select the channels and mediums that would most effectively reach prospective students.

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